Academic Experience


            1997:   Professor Emeritus, New York University


            1968-1997: Professor, New York University, School of Education, Department of Art and Art Professions.

Courses taught: Aesthetic Inquiry, Art Criticism, Philosophy of Art Education, Research in Art and Art Education


            1967-1968:      Professor, The Ohio State University, School of Art, Division of Art Education.

Courses taught: Theory of Art and Art Education, Art for Elementary Teachers, Student Teacher Supervision.


            1963-1967:      Associate Professor of Fine Art, The Ohio State University.


            1960-1963:      Assistant Professor of Fine Art, The Ohio State University.


            1959-1960:      Part-time Instructor, Wayne State University, College of Education, Department of History and Philosophy of Education. Courses taught: Philosophy of Education.


            1957- I 958:     Art Teacher, Babylon High School, Babylon, New York.



Part-time Instructor, University of Wisconsin. Subject taught: Art Education.


            1956:   Art Teacher, American Community School, Asuncion, Paraguay.

Subject taught: Art, Grades 1-12 .


            1954-1955:      Instructor, Children's Art Classes, Albright Art School, Buffalo, New York.


Courses Taught at NYU


EIO.2137 Aesthetic Inquiry

ElO.3001 Dissertation Proposal Seminar

E90.2031 Philosophy of Art and Art Education

E90.3097 Departmental Seminar

E90.2510 Aesthetic Inquiry for Children

E90.2501 Technological Experiments in Art

E90.2001 Research in Art and Art Education

E90.2051 Aesthetic Foundations of the Arts

E90.2070 Current Issues in Art Education

E90.2045 Living Traditions in Art

E90.2605 Phenomenology and the Arts


New York University Departmental Activities



Divisional Representative SEHNAP Council



Member, Editorial Board N.Y.U. Education Quarterly



Chairman, Personnel and Tenure Committee Department of Art and Art Education




Experimental Aesthetics Commission