Doctoral Dissertations Chaired





Pearlman, Amalia (Ph.D.)

"Art Education and Ekistics; a Synthesis of Aesthetic and Social Concepts in the Shaping of Environment"




Kessel, Gertrude (Ph.D.)

"An Analysis of the Concept of the Artist's Intention in the Visual Arts"




Kwo, David (Ph.D.)

"Chinese Brushwork: Its History, Aesthetics and Techniques"




Morgan, Robert (Ph.D.)

"The Role of Documentation in the Visual Arts"




Henshaw, Elizabeth (Ed.D.)

"Nigerian National Policy on Art Education: A Proposal for its Extension and Implementation in the Cross River State of Nigeria"


Lieberman, Barry (Ed.D.)

"Phenomenological Approach to Aesthetic Education in Secondary School Painting Classes"


Maffeo, Edward (Ph.D.)

"The Influence of Photography in Contemporary Visual Art"




Seigel, Marietta (Ph.D.)

"Aesthetic Uses of Transparency in Sculpture: A Theoretical and Creative Investigation"




Fraser, Sanford (Ph.D.)

"Organic Unity and Training in Relation to Art Judgment"


Ryan, Joanne (Ph.D.)

"The Aesthetic Dimension of Process Philosophy in Alfred North Whitehead and Pierre Theilhard De Chardin and its Significance for Education"




Cain, Jerrilee (Ph.D.)

"Integrating the Arts in Public Education: The Symbolization Process as Holistic Experience"


Holmes, Ann (D.A.)

"The Transition of the Artisan Potter to the Artist-Potter in Mashiko, a Folklore

Kiln Site in Japan"




Montalto, Laurence (PhD.)

A Phenomenological Examination of Dominant Painting Styles and the Effects of Ideology on M.F.A. Candidates in Selected Departments of Art"




Bolmeier, Jane (Ed.D)

"Disagreements Over Significance in Contemporary Art and Art Criticism with Special reference to the Work of Robert Raushenberg"


Somoza, Maria (Ph.D.)

"Graphic Arts in Puerto Rico from 1945 to 1970: A Historical Perspective and Aesthetic Analysis of Selected Prints"



Fraih, Insaf (Ph.D.)

"Aesthetic Inquiry into Jordanian Embroidery"


Gottheim, Vivian (DA)

"Eve of Saint John's Day: A Work in Words and Images Based on an Aesthetic Inquiry into the Dramatic-Dance 'Bumba-Meuboi' as Presented in Sao Luis of Maranhao, Brazil"


Johnson, Cynthia (Ph.D.)

"The Art of the Windsor Chairrnaker: An Aesthetic Inquiry"


Nourel-Din, Safwat (Ph.D.)

"Ceramics of Failaka: A Question of the Function of Tradition in the Artistic Creation"


Ryder, Willet (Ed.D.)

"Achieving Self-Actualization through Art Experience: A Guide for Instructors of Elementary Education Students"




Daniel, Robert (Ph.D.)

"The Role of the Visual Arts in Post-Modem and Late-Modem Architecture: A Comparative Study"


Pandozy, Raffaele, (Ph.D.)

"Redefining the Social Role of Art and Art Criticism in the Post Modem Era (A Hermeneutics of the Validity of Knowledge in Post Modem Art"


Phelan, Andrew (Ph.D.)

"Change or the Appearance of Change: A Study of the School of Art and Design of . Pratt Institute 1970 and 1980"


Rosefelt, Marcia (Ph.D.)

"The Design Dilemma: A Study of the New Morality of Industrial Design in Western Societies"




Chew, Teng Beng (Ph.D.)

"Papermaking from Selected Malaysian Fibers: An Investigation of its Artistic

Potential through Creation of Original Paper Artworks"             .


Fawowe, Moses (Ph.D.)

"A Study of the Origins, Development, and Significance of Southern Nigerian Traditional Pottery"


Perni, Andy (D.A.)

'The Technology of Electronic Color Scanning and Four-Color Lithographic Printing of Art Reproductions and Their Effect on the Image Transference of an Artist's Original Painting.


Steinberger, Erika (Ph.D.)

'Phenomenal and Nonphenomenal Body Image Tasks in the Treatment of Eating Disorders"


Von Honts, Jacqueline (Ph.D.)

"A Study of the Three-Dimensional Art Work in Siqueiros "Poluforum" and the Creation of a Series of Sculptured all Works by the Artist-Investigator"




Mainzer, Janet (Ph.D.)

'The Relation Between the Crafts and the Fine Arts in the United States from 1876 to 1980"




Lederman, Arline

'The Arts of Afghanistan: A Documentation and Aesthetic Analysis"




Devero, Lisa (Ph.D.)

'The Court Dance of Lois XIV as Exemplified by Feuillet's 'Choregraphie' (1700) and How The Court Dance and Ceremonial Ball were Used as Forms of Political Socialization"


Fasanella, Marc R. (Ph.D.)

'The Environmental Design of Jones Beach State Park: Aesthetic and Ecological Aspects of the Park's Architecture and Landscape"




Huggins, Winston (Ph.D.)

"A Critical Study of Six Jamaican Artists in the Context of an Emerging Caribbean

Culture in New York: An Aesthetic Inquiry"      .

Lange, Patricia (Ph.D.)


"Pueblo Pottery Figurines: Art as Social Criticism"

Monteiro, Katia (Ph.D.)


"The Fairy Tale Revisited: A Survey of the Evolution of the Tales, From Classical Literary Interpretations to Innovative Contemporary Dance-Theater Productions"

Nworjih, Chris (Ph.D.)


"A Study of the Origins, Characteristics, and Significance of the Traditional Art of Blacksmithing in Southeastern Nigeria"


Perlmutter, Dawn (Ph.D.)

"Graven Images: Creative Acts of Idolatry-A Hermeneutic Study of the Relevance of Theological Proscription of Image-Making in Judaic Law to Contemporary Jewish Art and Artists"




Chang, Xiao-ai (Ph.D.)

"A Cross-Cultural Interpretation of Artistic Terms in Chinese and Western Art Theory and Practice: A Semiotic Analysis"


Hyde, Sarah (Ph.D.)

''The Dynamics of Siddha Yoga in the Artistic Expression of Three Contemporary American Painters: William Willis,

Robert Kushner, Kathy Chernus"


            1995    .

Costa, Virgilio (Ph.D.)

"A Voice from the Outside: Visual Themes and Features of Identity in the History 9fthe Brazilian Culture (Painting and Poetry, 1500-1950)"


Mohammad, Faridah (Ph.D.)

"Artist Representation in Contemporary Kuwaiti, Egyptian and Iranian Paintings and Prints, and Interpretation of these Works According to Islamic Law"


Roe, Jae-Ryung (Ph.D.)

''The Representation of National Identity in Korean Art Exhibitions, 1951-1994"



Chen, Shang-Yu (Ph.D.)

"Popular Art and Political Movements: An Aesthetic Inquiry into Chinese Pictorial Stories"


Coates James (D.A.)

"In the Light of Desire: Painting as a Form of Inquiry into the Aesthetic Nature of Being There"




Chang, Effi Kin-Tsuei (Ph.D.)

A Study of the Influence of Government Policy and the Fine Arts Museum on the Contemporary Visual Arts in Taiwan from 1947 to 1993.


Dernini, Sandro (Ph.D.)

A Multicultural Aesthetic Inquiry into "Plexus Black Box," an International Community-Based Art Project


Julian, June (Ed.D.)

Ecology Art Education On-Line: A World Community of Old Trees


Kaggen, Lois (Ph.D.)    .;,

An Investigation of Visual Art Created by Artists with Physical Disabilities


Kim, Sung Bok (Ph.D.)

Fashion as a Domain of Aesthetic Inquiry: A Postmodern Assessment of Critical Writings on Fashion in America Between 1980 and 1995


Marshall, Cora (D.A.)

Elaborating Cultural Identity: Imaginal World Making in the Work of Selected Ethnocentered Artists


Pio, Frank (Ed.D)

The Creation and Development of a Program of Study Derived from Ojibwe Philosophy for a Proposed Center of Learning and Research for the Arts