Professional Recognition



President, Ohio Art Education Association, 1963-64.


Convention Chairman, American Society for Aesthetics, Columbus, Ohio, 1963; New York City, 1989.


Contributing Editor, School Arts, 1963-66.


Chairman, General Session of Aesthetics and Education, Philosophy of Education Society, Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, AprilS, 1966.


Co-editor, Studies in Art Education, research journal of the National Art Education Association, 1963-67.


Phi Delta Kappa Lecture, Tenth Annual Research Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 12, 1969.


Elected as a Trustee of Studies in Philosophv and Education. Inc., February 20, 1974.


Elected to the Board of Governors of the Institute for the Study of Art in Education in October of 1974.


Elected Chairman, Higher Education Division, NAEA, March 1975 .


Elected Member, Council for Policy Studies in Art Education, 1975.


Elected Executive Director, International Society for the Advancement of Living Traditions in Art (ISALTA), May 1981.


Lowenfeld A ward, 1986. "Established in 1960 by friends and former students of Viktor Lowenfeld to honor an individual who over the years has made significant contributions to art education. The recipient presents the Lowenfeld Lecture at the national convention." NAEA: Our History - Celebrating: 50 vears 1947-92. John Michael, editor, p. 18.


Elected Distinguished Fellow by Board of Directors, National Art Education Association, 1987.


Book dedications: E.F. Kaelin, An Aesthetic for Art Educators. 1989. G.N. Pant, Mughal Weapons in the Babur-Nama, 1989.


Chairperson, Organizing Committee of the 1992 Christopher Columbus Consortium for the Symposium "Well-Being in the XXI Century," S. Pietro Island, Sardinia.

Research and Scholarship


The focus of attention is on the worldwide advancement of living traditions in art now at risk, the training of artist/researchers in cross-cultural aesthetic inquiry, and the promotion of multi-cultural art education.