Prospectus and outline of proposed Encyclopedia of Living Traditions in Art.


N.Y.U. (sabbatical leave)


Field research (with Dr. G. N. Pant, National Museum, Delhi) on the ancient process of making the Indian steel called "wootz."

Indian Council for Cultural Relations, ISALTA



Analysis of perceptual theories . (with Stanley S. Madeja): interviews with Amheim, Gibson, Goodman, Sherman, Schaefer­Simmern.


National Institute of Education


Field research, the Mora family, Santulussurgiu, initiated in 1993. The history of a living artistic tradition of knife-making.


Cultural Affairs Dept., Government of Sardinia


Actively engaged in developing a community-based art education program, beginning with the 1993 Graduate summer Institute Living Traditions in Art: The Lower East Side. This is to be a prototype for future projects around the world.