Renee Creager O’Brien

May 31, 2014

In Honor of Dr. Ecker

I began my doctoral studies at NYU in 1989 and David W. Ecker was the reason I made it through.  I was - and still am – an art educator & artist & researcher– and David’s Phenomenology in the Arts set in motion my journey in aesthetic theory, practice and continuum in the arts for all . . . and about all. With his encouragement, expertise and professionalism . . . and David’s sense of humor . . . a left NYU with a greater strength of character, resilience and an earned place in higher education.

As an aside, I believe I was David’s last concurred dissertation. Dr. Ecker chaired my committee and retired the summer before my thesis was ready for committee. He came back to NYU the fall of 1997 to sit on the review committee and I made it! His graciousness will forever be honored.

Thank you David, Renee

O'Brien, Renee Creager. The Post-Romantic Vision of Contemporary Pinhole Photographers. PhD thesis. New York University 1998.